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Designed and built in 1905, The Shoreditch Tramshed is a Grade II listed building which, until now, has been hidden away from public view. Actually built as an early sub-station, it is a magnificent single space shed. Along with restaurateur Mark Hix, we brought this hidden gem back to public enjoyment through the creation of a beautiful restaurant, thus confirming Shoreditch's mantle as London's home for fine art and fine food.

The impressive main hall needed a decisive design idea - one that recognised the heritage of the building and complemented the Edwardian glazed brick interiors. We have treated the restaurant and its furniture as interventions - self-sufficient objects in the space that do not compete with the existing interior finishes. We have employed great planks of Douglas fir, leather and heavy gauge stainless steel; materials that match up to the magnificent space and the hearty menu. We selected chairs also used by the USA prison service, and made from recycled coke bottles.

At the centre of the restaurant a Damien Hirst sculpture complements the design, bringing a bovine based formaldehyde focal point to the place.

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